Banyuwangi Surfing

Banyuwangi Surfing, situated in Jawa Timur Province directly over the Strait with Bali is minimal known yet has some fantastic spots to visit particularly on the off chance that you are a suffer as then you should take off to Plengkung Beach.

Plengkung Beach is situated on the southern bank of Banyuwangi, toward the finish of Jawa Timur Province. Plengkung Beach is generally called as G-Land by numerous travelers. The letter ‘G’ implies three things; G for grajagan implies the name of a place which has enormous wave; G for green means this shoreline is as yet normal for it’s situated on the edge of green tropical woodland; G for awesome depicts the enormous long wave.


Plengkung Beach is a shoreline with a portion of the best wave on the planet and heaven for my both nearby and worldwide surfers. The waves at this shoreline are four to eight meters high and move on for two km with seven orchestrated wave developments. A coastline with these attributes must be found in a few nations like Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa. Numerous world-class surfers call this shoreline as The Seven Giant Waves Wonder.

There are a few world surfing rivalries held at this shoreline, one of them is Quiksilver Pro Surfing Championship in 1995, 1996 and 1997. To have the capacity to appreciate the immense wave at this shoreline, divide July – September for at those circumstances the surge is achieving its best execution for surfing.

There is a surfboard lease accessible on the off chance that you don’t bring one. Other than surfing you can likewise watch the stunning nightfall and go on an enterprise in the close-by Alas Purwo National Park.

Transport Option

From Banyuwangi you have to get to Tegaldlimo which takes around 2 hours utilizing nearby transport. From Tegaldlimo keep on going to Pos Pancur which is situated in the Alas Purwo National Park (30 minutes to an hour trip). From Pos Pancur you have three alternatives to get to Plengkung Beach: going by walking for around 2 hours, leasing engine, or by jeep from Alas Purwo National Park administration.